1. Craig Behnke, Sapphire Energy, Inc., Development of Value-Added Products from Residual Algae to Biomass


  2. Eric Jarvis, NREL, Efficient Use of Algal Biomass Residues for Biopower Production with Nutrient Recycle


  3. Richard Brotzman, ANL, Hydrocyclone Separation of Targeted Biochemical Intermediates and Products


  4. "Our algae are eating themselves, and the components we were interested in" - Deborah Newby


  5. Deborah Newby, INL, Microalgae Harvesting-Dewatering Technology Suite


  6. Adeniyi Lawal, Stevens Institute of Technology, Catalysts for Partial Upgrading of Microalgae Oil (Hydrodeoxygenation)


  7. One of Dr. Laurens’ explicit goals is #OpenAccess, to analytical methods!


  8. Dr. Lieve Laurens, NREL,
    Algae Compositional Analysis


  9. The Algae Project Peer Review is underway.
    Daniel Fishman, BETO Technology Manager, introducing the session in front of the Review Panel


  10. "Thermochemical conversion: instead of a scalpel [like biochemical conversion], think of hammers of various sizes" - Kevin Craig